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Gas Storage


Storage Haidach

Functioning of a natural gas storage facility

The project is based on state-of-the-art technical concepts, as it combines profitability and efficiency with the highest safety standards. Gas is injected and withdrawn via several wells. Compressor aggregates for gas injection build up the input pressure needed for incoming natural gas. The gas passes the filter station to separate solid material particles and liquids. Then the gas heated by the compressors, is cooled before it is injected into the storage facility via the wells. The gas is withdrawn via the same wells by which it was injected. Gas pressure needed for pipeline transport is adjusted by a controller and the compressors.

As natural gas always absorbs humidity, it is pre-dried to prevent corrosion and sedimentation in surface hauling installations and in the trunk mains.

Quality-controlled natural gas is delivered to the pipeline system only after gas flow measurement.

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